10 Times Idols Called Out Or Shaded Their Companies

Some of these are savage.

It’s no secret that idols aren’t always happy with their treatment at the hands of their companies. These are just some of the times that idols have called out their companies in public.

1. Jimin Park calling out JYP Entertainment

Jimin Park was unhappy with her lack of releases and decided to bring it to JYP’s attention on an episode of After School Club.

2. EXID calling out Banana Culture

On a recent episode of Weekly Idol, Hyelin was playing the lie detector game (timestamped) and was asked if she was happy with her label. Her answer was an emphatic no which also caused the other girls to air their grievances with Banana.

3. Girl’s Generation Sooyoung calling out SM Entertainment

Sooyoung was dissatisfied with the number of lines she was given and she let SM know about it.

4. CL calling out YG Entertainment

CL famously once called out Yang Hyun Suk himself by commenting on his personal Instagram with “Respond to my text messages”. This is because CL was dissatisfied with the delays with her solo comeback.

5. Girl’s Generation Taeyeon calling out Red Velvet’s manager

Taeyeon is not afraid to stand up for herself or her juniors. She once scolded Red Velvet’s manager for looking at Wendy harshly while she was eating ice cream.

6. 2PM’s Taecyeon calling out JYP Entertainment

In a series of tweets, Taecyeon criticised JYP for their treatment of their workers.

“If those who don’t help out or have good management get promoted, then what becomes of the people who do help out and manage me? Is this a decision that is understandable? Will fans be able to understand an agency that I can’t even understand as a celebrity? What JYP Entertainment needs for 2014 is a reformation.”

“The agency needs to be a place where people want to work hard instead of just coming in and leaving exactly on time. If the workers of an entertainment agency cannot be entertained, how can the company satisfy the public? Don’t place importance on being part of the ‘Big 3’ or the agency’s name but it’s time to seek for substance.”

“If our agency wants to aim for the best in 2014, it doesn’t have to do with solely the producer’s strengths but also the workers of the company as well. For the unappreciated jyp staffs but who deserve the actual credit.”

7. IKON’s Bobby calling out YG Entertainment

Bobby debunked rumours that YG is a “free-spirited” company and insisted that there are strict rules in place. He says that he can’t even go to a convenience store without making a report about it, they aren’t allowed to drive and perhaps most tragic of all, Bobby isn’t even allowed to talk to BLACKPINK.

8. f(x) Amber calling out SM Entertainment

Amber posted about her struggles with SM and her lack of releases as well as the lack of f(x) comebacks in an Instagram post.

9. Girl’s Generation Taeyeon Calling Out SM Entertainment

When asked what part of 2018 angered her the most, Taeyeon answered with “When SM does what SM does”.

Taeyeon Allegedly “Attacks” SM Entertainment’s System, Fans Worried

10. After School’s Lizzy calling out Pledis Entertainment

In a press conference for Please Look After My Vanity 2, Lizzy had some strong words to say to the CEO of Pledis Entertainment.

“I thought my source of income had dried up. Now that the end of my contract is nearing, the company isn’t giving me any work.

When asked who she most wants to watch the show:

“I want our CEO to watch the show. I hope he watches Please Look After My Vanity 2 and comes to his senses”