10 Times Idols Demolished Language Barriers With Their Extraness

Like music, absurdity knows no borders.

With K-Pop becoming a bigger part of the global music mainstream every day, more and more K-Pop artists are touring the world and interacting with international fans along the way. Even though the majority of idols aren’t English-speakers, that hasn’t stopped them from finding creative (and hilarious) ways to use their fledgling English skills. Like music, absurdity knows no borders!


1. When RM was 200% with BTS’s interview answers

BTS‘s interview with AskAnythingChat quickly turned into a comedy show when the group was asked to name foods they liked to eat that they could not buy in Korea. Jin read the question out to his members, who all seemed to have missed the “not” part.

J-Hope‘s answer? Kimchi fried rice.

Jimin‘s answer? Noodles.

BTS’s resident translator, RM, tried to clarify the question (several times), but BTS just kept saying whatever foods came to their minds!


2. When BLACKPINK’s Jisoo swore to get revenge on a zip-line operator

When BLACKPINK went zip-lining, Jisoo was afraid. She expressed her fears to the zip-line operator by saying “scary, scary, slowly” in English during his instructions.

As Jisoo flew down the zip-line at lightspeed, she shrieked, “I know your face!” at the operator.

Then, as soon as her feet touched the ground, Jisoo swore to get revenge on him for tricking her. At the time, she didn’t realize that she was in control of choosing her own speed!


3. When EXO’s Chanyeol composed an English song on the spot

This interview with Ellie Lee has become one of EXO-L‘s favourites because it’s a goldmine of absurdity from start to finish.

One of the highlights was toward the end, when Ellie Lee asked EXO to say something in English to their fans. When Suho sweetly said, “Thank you for your love”, Chanyeol decided to add something a little, well, extra to it.

He began singing the word “love” in an impromptu song that made Kai double over with laughter.


4. When SEVENTEEN fanboyed over their Starbucks order

On an episode of SEVENTEEN‘s reality show GOING SEVENTEENJeonghanDK, and Seungkwan worked together to place an order at Starbucks in English.

When the cashier told them that their total would be “$17.70”, the trio began cracking up because it matched their group’s name. They then explained to the cashier why they found their total so hilarious.


5. When TWICE’s Dahyun greeted a bird in two languages

When TWICE was in Switzerland, Dahyun ducked down to avoid a bird (that was nowhere near her), then said hello to it in both English and French as it flew away.


6. When Super Junior’s Heechul broke up with his “boyfriend”, John Park

E.L.Fs already know that Heechul is the King of Sass in any language. His most iconic English phrase is “yo, wassup man?”, but this clip proves that he has a whole dictionary of sassy English vocab up his sleeve.

In this skit, Heechul plays John Park‘s soon-to-be ex-girlfriend. When John Park tries to break up, Heechul fires back with a disbelieving, “Sorry? Pardon?”.


7. When SHINee’s Key clarified his position in the group

Key isn’t shy about striking up conversations with total strangers, but this one didn’t quite go the way he was expecting. In an episode of SHINee’s One Wonderful Day, Key asked a random Londoner, in English, if she had ever heard about K-Pop.

When she asked Key to sing for her, he quickly explained that his singing isn’t his specialty; his face is. He told her that his role in SHINee is the visual.


8. When TVXQ!’s Changmin pointed out a handsome cameraman

During an interview for SMTOWN in Dubai, Changmin pointed out, in Korean, the cameraman’s dashing looks.

After the interviewer translated this comment into English for the cameraman, Changmin followed it up with, “Seriously!”


9. When BTOB couldn’t stop bickering

The BTOB members are like brothers, and like brothers they will always find ways to argue, even in other languages. During this live broadcast, the members had way too much fun shouting over each other in English. At one point Sungjae shouted, “What! I’m member!”, when he was told to stop talking.


10. When BTS gave each other weird compliments

During an interview with Access Hollywood, BTS simultaneously demonstrated their English and extraness by giving each other weird compliments.

“I love your sexy brain.” — Jin

“I love your elbow.” — J-Hope