10 Times Idols Threw Caution To The Wind And Said “Challenge Accepted”

These idols are doing exactly what they want to do!

When someone tells you to do something sometimes you’ll do the complete opposite and idols are no different. Whether they’ve been trolled by haters or been told off by their company, there are some idols who never take the word no for an answer. And these idols never miss an opportunity to show everyone that they can do exactly what people said they couldn’t.


1. BTS Suga’s “MIC Drop” moment

Suga is known for not backing down which might be why we have the Cypher series and “Agust D”, but one of his most epic moments was shortly after BTS went to the AMAs. There was some buzz that the group wasn’t actually singing live. Instead of totally ignoring the haters, Suga did something amazing.


When the group gave a performance at the 2017 Gayo Daejun, Suga just stopped rapping. This simple act proved that they really were performing live!


Talk about a real-life mic drop!


2. EXID’s “Up & Down” disaster

Some performers would have been at a complete loss if their backing track never came on, but EXID didn’t back down from the challenge!


Instead, they sang the entire song, backup parts included, and totally rocked it! Check it out below!


3. g.o.d Kim Taewoo’s practice makes perfect

During an episode of Happy Together, Kim Taewoo decided to call out Park Jin Young for one particularly painful practice session.


But he also explained that after two hours of practice, he still was told it wasn’t right. When Park Jin Young left, Kim Taewoo made a decision and it totally worked!


4. Former MBLAQ member Lee Joon’s shirtless display

Sometimes there are double standards for men and women and one of those is showing off your body. It used to be that if a girl K-Pop idol showed off her body, then she was seeking attention but if a guy did it it was cool.


To highlight this issue and simply because he wanted to, Lee Joon he ripped off his shirt at the end of one of their performances!

In a later interview, he admitted that he had done it to gain attention. This admission showed that there really was a double standard!


5. 2AM’s Jo Kwon was born this way

Jo Kwon has taken on a number of roles that have required him to dress in drag and that has left him open to criticism from some people.


He’s shut them down on his social networking sites numerous times but one of his most epic shutdowns happened on the stage.


Instead of letting people call him names for dressing in drag, he went full out dressed as Lady Gaga!


His performance was epic and definitely showed all his haters that he wasn’t afraid of what they had to say!


6. NU’EST W Ren’s skirt fiasco

When NU’EST first debuted, Ren had some of the most luscious locks around. Paired with his delicate facial features he had visuals that anyone would be jealous of.


And with his unique sense of fashion, there were many haters that would ask if he was a boy or girl. Ren was pretty unfazed by these comments and tweeted out this in response.


To add even more to his don’t care attitude, Ren went on to post some pictures of himself in a skirt!


Ren has never backed down from a challenge!


7. Stray Kids Bang Chan’s high key

After giving their performance of “Hellevator” on Stray Kids, Park Jin Young wasn’t happy that the song was in a higher pitch.


Despite being told it was too high for the group, Bang Chan knew what the group could do and continued with the same key for the official video.


To top it off, “District 9” also had a pretty high key and the boys totally crushed it!


8. TVXQ’s banned performance

When “Mirotic” was first released the song was actually banned on several music programs for some of its lyrics. If the group wanted to perform it they had to change these words.

The biggest problem were the lyrics, “I’ve got you under my skin.


The group did sing an altered version on almost every single occasion. That’s right, almost! During one Gayo Daejun, they threw all caution to the wind and sang the original version of the song!


9. 4MINUTE’s “Milkshake” trick

On a live radio broadcast in 2010, 4MINUTE decided to cover the very famous “Milkshake” song.


When they received a ton of criticism for their cover they decided to fight all the haters and reperformed an acoustic version of the song!


10. AOA Jimin’s Unpretty Rapstar game

When Jimin became a contestant on the first season of Unpretty Rapstar there was some major backlash. Some people didn’t think idol rappers deserved a spot on the stage with other rappers.


Despite all the negativity Jimin would go on to become a semi-finalist, showing everyone that just because she’s an idol doesn’t mean she can’t rap too!

And Jimin’s triumphs may have encouraged Hyolyn to conquer season 2!