10+ Times Idols Were Visibly Terrified While Filming TV Shows

Being an idols is scary, sometimes literally.

1. BIGBANG Daesung

BIGBANG members were invited to experience a haunted house in Japan. By the look on Daesung’s face, you can see how horrified he was!

Of the 5 BIGBANG member’s, Daesung is notorious for being the most easily scared! People who are close to him know this to be true and enjoy playing pranks on him!


2. BTS J-Hope

J-Hope visibly terrified by the boa constrictor he’s supposed to wear around his neck during BTS’s time in Malaysia.

All of the BTS members know that their fellow member, J-Hope gets easily scared. Whether its snakes, ghosts, heights, or bugs our frightful idol seems to be afraid of everything.


3. GOT7 Jackson

From paragliding to spiders, Jackson is also afraid of many things- especially cockroaches.

He’s especially surprised when he’s unexpectedly attacked by a ghost from underneath the table during filming Real GOT7.


4. SISTAR Bora

Bora couldn’t handle the appearance of a fake ghost on the recording of Talk Show Hello and the staff had to temporarily stop filming because she was so scared.

Bora’s expression is priceless when she realizes that her scare prank is not yet over during the filming of MNET’s Hit the Stage!


5. WINNER Seunghoon

WINNER’s Seunghoon is known for his tall height and his babyface. He’s able to rap battle anyone with his free-flowing rap skills. But even our rapper seems to get scared of unexpected visitors in the Hokkaido Winter Olympics episode of WINNER TV!


6. EXID Hani

Surprised by Heechul’s fake hand in the show Style for You

Suddenly surprised by the computer playing Up and Down, Hani is on the verge of tears during the episode of Crime Scene. 


7. INFINITE Dongwoo

Even before the filming of the show, Dongwoo was already dripping in his sweat because he knew they were filming a haunted house episode.

 It was only a matter of minutes until the ‘hyung’ of the group was clinging to other members out of fear!


8.  NU’EST Ren

The mischievous ‘maknae’ of the group, Ren, holds tightly onto Baekho for protection in the filming of MTV’s Diary Cut.


9. Mamamoo Hwasa

Hwasa is recording in the studio on MMMTV when she begins to hear strange sounds.

Feeling scared in the studio she’s surprised by an unexpected guest and runs out of the studio!


10. Seventeen

Backstage of SHOW Champion, Seventeen members exchange scary stories when suddenly a fake hand falls from the sky scaring all of the members!


11. WINNER Mino

Typically cool and collected with much swag, even Mino is can’t hide is shock by an unusual visitor sharing the elevator with him during an episode of WINNER TV.


12. Girl’s Generation Hyoyeon

Poor Hyoyeon thought the prank was over, only to be surprised by the same ghost from the screen again on the first episode of MNET’s Hit the Stage!


13. BTS Jin

A nervous Jin waits and watches as other members feel what is in the mystery box.

Having to touch a mystery ‘eel’ in an episode of Idol Party, Jin nearly has a heart attack from the experience.


14. Contestants of Produce 101

Perhaps one of the greatest scare pranks, the contestants of Produce 101 were in for an unexpected scare as they were talking to their reflection in the mirror. To make things scarier, a ghost would also come out from underneath the desk and grab them by their ankles to add an extra level of fear!


Source: Instiz