10+ Times IU Looked Like She Jumped Straight Out Of A Fairy Tale In These Shimmery Gowns

Her beauty is ethereal.

IU is a visual and vocal goddess, and that’s just a fact! She’s been hailed for her incredible visuals and skills as a songwriter, and is a top soloist in the industry! Here are 10+ times IU’s donned a gown where she looked so ethereal, it was like she jumped straight out of a fairy tale!

1. IU’s such a queen!


2. Her beauty is so ethereal!


3. White is definitely her color!


4. She shines in this dress!


5. IU is at a level no one can touch!


6. She looks so pretty!


7. She has the prettiest smile!


8. IU in gowns is the best!


9. She looks so pretty in this gown!



10. IU’s beauty is so alluring.


11. Happy IU is the best IU!


12. IU has a dangerously sexy side too!


13. Technically not a gown, but she doesn’t look any less fairy-like in this outfit!