These 10+ Times IU Wore A Pretty Black Dress Will Convince You That It’s One Of Her Best Looks

IU in black dresses is a superior concept!

IU is known for her gorgeous, pale visuals, and she looks like a total stunner in black dresses! Here are 10+ times IU wore a pretty black dress, and convinced fans it could totally be a candidate for her signature look!

1. This dress with this beret is perfect!


2. IU is killing it in this dress!


3. Her regal visuals are perfect for this black dress!


4. IU’s sexy side is everything!


5. Her lace dress is so pretty!


6. IU in gowns is a superior concept!


7. Her visuals are unreal in this gown!


8. The ruffled cuffs on this dress are a beautiful touch!


9. IU is a sexy queen in this lace dress!


10. She has such pretty proportions!


11. What a visual queen!


12. Even her casual visuals are amazing!


13. This black, sparkly dress is gorgeous on her!


14. This black dress is a simple one, but IU totally slays in it!

15. This studded dress is beautiful on her!