10 Times Jennie’s Crazy Expensive Handbags Put Her On Everyone’s “People To Rob” Lists

Her handbag collection could probably pay your tuition several times over!

Jennie isn’t just known as “Human Chanel” for her outfits—the luxury attire extends to her accessories too. Once you see the price of these 10 handbags from her extensive collection, you won’t be able to help but wonder if she’d miss just one…

#10. Chanel Turn-Lock Flap Bag

$3,000 USD

Jennie took a selfie with the $3,000 USD Chanel Turn-Lock Flap Bag on September 18 2018. She paired it with a blue Classic Crew Sweatshirt from Champion.

#9. Chanel Paris in Seoul Backpack

$3,400 USD

On June 9 2019, Jennie took her $3,600 USD Chanel Paris in Seoul Backpack to Incheon Airport, pairing it with some simple Converse High Tops and sunglasses from Gentle Monster.

#8. Chanel Gabrielle Backpack

$3,600 USD

Jennie’s $3,600 USD Chanel Gabrielle Backpack went perfectly with her vintage Chanel sweater and Dr. Martens boots on February 7 2019.

#7. Chanel Knock on Wood Top Handle Bag

$4,000 USD

Jennie went full Chanel with her accessories on March 2 2019. She carried a $4,000 USD Chanel Knock on Wood Top Handle Bag and wore the brand’s Coco Crush necklace and ring.

#6. Chanel Gabrielle Purse

$4,200 USD

On June 6 2018, Jennie carried a $4,200 USD Chanel Gabrielle Purse to complement her Chanel Cotton Canvas Blouse and dainty Pigalle shoes.

#5. Chanel Boy Handbag

$4,200 USD

Jennie has shown off her $4,200 USD Chanel Boy Handbag several times, including on January 25 2019 at Incheon Airport. She wore it with Acne pants and cute specs.

#4. Chanel Gabrielle Hobo Bag

$4,500 USD

Jennie has several Chanel Gabrielle Hobo Bags. The one she was carrying on October 3 2018 is worth $4,500 USD. She also wore a Chanel cardigan that day.

#3. Chanel Vanity Case

$5,000 USD

Jennie’s black-and-white look on August 16 2019 was completed by a $5,000 Chanel Vanity Case. In comparison, the $900 Vetements backpack she had on the same day seems cheap.

#2. Chanel Pharrell Bumbag

$6,620 USD

Some of the most expensive handbags Jennie has ever used come from the Chanel Pharrell collection. The Chanel Pharrell Bumbag she carried on April 9 2019 (while wearing a $5,000 sweatshirt from the brand) was worth around $6,620 USD.

#1. Chanel Pharrell XXL Flap Bag

$9,000 USD

The Chanelle Pharrell XXL Flap Bag Jennie had on May 16 2019 is jaw-droppingly expensive, retailing for $9,000 USD or more! Her Chanel cardigan and jeans weren’t much cheaper, either.