10+ Times Jung Hae In Made Our Jaws Drop With His Extremely Attractive Boyfriend Vibes

We couldn’t decide which is lovelier at #12 — the view or the person in front of it?

Ever since Korean top actor Jung Hae In has played the part of a “perfect boyfriend” onscreen alongside Son Ye Jin on Something In The Rain

…or once again, as a pharmacist who is truly in love with Han Ji Min‘s character on One Spring Night, fans couldn’t help but wish for their own version of Hae In who is not afraid to declare his love for them in public.

After all, it’s not every day you meet a guy who’s loyal, devoted to you and sincerely caring, right?

Now, even though fans may have slim chances of actually being in a romantic relationship with Jung Hae In, this doesn’t mean they can’t go ahead and visit fantasy-land to imagine! Here are 12 of Hae In’s most popular photos that give off serious boyfriend vibes.

1. When he knows you’re taking a “candid” picture of him

2. When you told him to strike a pose after waking him up early for the airport

3. Whenever it’s your monthsary…

4. …or your anniversary, Hae In always has flowers for you!

5. When he took you to the beach for some healing

6. When you dropped by to give him food during his overtime

7. When he said that he would return the favor by treating you to your favorite restaurant

8. When you left him and your dog to buy snacks at the convenience store, and he sends you this photo

9. When you take a week off work and convinced him to travel and be immersed in new culture

10. When he picked you up from work and you couldn’t resist taking a picture of him

11. When you go to Seoul Forest on a midday and luckily, there weren’t a lot of people around

12. When you couldn’t decide which one is more appealing to look at…

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