10+ Times That K-Pop Idols Trusted Their Group Members With Their Lives In Performances

They really had an insane amount of trust for the other members.

K-Pop dances are often really impressive and engaging to watch, given how perfectly timed and synced up the members of a group are with each other. Some artists, however, take it a step further by including some risk in their dances! The following movements from K-Pop choreographies all required a lot of trust and perfection from each member in the group to be pulled off without a problem, and fortunately, they all turned out great! Here are 10+ times that K-Pop idols trusted other members with their lives in performances.

1. “K.O” by SF9

This insane “wheel” dance move at the beginning of this dance gave SF9 a huge boost even before they debuted with just how unique and difficult it is!

2. “No More Dream” by BTS

All of the members had to trust each other to allow Jimin to run over the backs of the rest of the group with Jungkook‘s help!

3. “Everybody” by SHINee

Taemin made serious air with this movement, so he had to fully trust the other members of SHINee for it!

4. “If You Do” by GOT7

Trust falls are something that are often used for team-building exercises, and GOT7 put it to good use in this dance!

5. “Jungle Game” by SF9

This entire part of “Jungle Game” is absolutely insane and requires all the members to trust each other to make it succeed.

6. “Action” by NU’EST

Not only is there a risk of being hit by the “rebounding” movements, but there’s trust involved in being caught by fellow members in NU’EST’s “Action” choreography!

7. “Don’t Tease Me” by SPEED


Both of these insane acrobatic movements require not only incredible skill, but faith that the other members would be where they needed to be and do what they needed to do on time.

8. “We Are Bulletproof Pt.2” by BTS

Another dance from BTS that required perfect timing and a lot of trust, but the results are so satisfying to watch!

9. “Voodoo Doll” by VIXX

This “lifting” movement for Ken can nerve-wracking to watch to make sure it’s done right, but VIXX always nails it.

10. “Attention” by UP10TION

It would be so easy for the members to accidentally kick each other at this point in “Attention”, but they pull off the movements flawlessly!

11. “Lo Siento” by Super Junior

Somin (from KARD) had to put her trust in members from a different group in order to make sure she pulled this movement off without a hitch!

12. “Monster” by EXO

This might not be as dramatic as some other moves on the list, but Suho still had to rely on his other members to make sure he didn’t fall forward.

13. “Firetruck” by NCT 127


“Firetruck”, like other dances on this list, included a couple of different impressive acrobatic movements that required perfect syncing and trust in the other members to get it done right!



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