10 Times K-Pop Invaded Your Everyday Life

When K-Pop turns up unexpectedly in your everyday life.

When you’re a K-pop fan you are attuned to everything relating to your favorite groups. So when you hear a K-Pop song playing at the local mall or see something related to your bias on your bus ride home, you can’t help but be excited. And while you’re freaking out about it, you may also start to think that it’s started to invade every aspect of your life!


1. SHINee’s “Lucifer” on Lucifer

People were already surprised enough to hear some Korean on Fox‘s Lucifer


When SHINee‘s “Lucifer” started playing and K-Pop fans everywhere were flipping out!


“Lucifer” on Lucifer! What could be better?


2. TWICE Sana’s bus ride

What could be an even bigger surprise than hearing SHINee’s song on television? How about seeing a very truthful message about Sana on your bus ride home!


3. EXO Xiumin’s subway line

And if you were visiting South Korea you may have gotten a big shock and found yourself on the Xiumin themed subway line!


With four cars dedicated to the oldest EXO member, any ride on that subway was sure to be a special treat!


4. LOONA’s pride parade moment

Or maybe you saw these LOONA signs at Chile’s pride parade event.


And couldn’t believe your eyes!


5. Family Guy “Bubble Pop” experience

Speaking of surprises, what about the time that Family Guy gave us a parody of Hyuna‘s “Bubble Pop”?


6. Fortnite and League of Legends’ K-Pop emotes

Then we have the special appearances in popular games, like this emote of TWICE Dahyun‘s eagle dance in Fortnite.


Then we have this emote that’s a mash-up of AOA, MOMOLAND, and BLACKPINK dances.


And League of Legends got in on the action too and added their own emote of Girls’ Generation‘s “Genie”.


7. BIGBANG at the Dodgers game

Maybe you’re a huge fan of baseball and BIGBANG. If you are then you probably loved LA Dodgers Kenta Maeda’s walk-up song!


Nothing better than hearing “Bang Bang Bang” during a game! Thanks, Kenta!


8. SISTAR on Family Guy

“Bubble Pop” wasn’t the only time K-Pop made an appearance on Family Guy. SISTAR‘s “Touch My Body” was played on the show.




9. 4MINUTE and BTS on football night

There was also the time when 4MINUTE‘s “Hate” played during a Miami and San Diego game.


And BTS‘s “Dope” was played during a Los Angeles and Denver game!


10. Idols on your local station

Plus who could forget the exciting moments when our favorite groups made it onto our local television stations! Like when SUPER JUNIOR appeared on Good Morning New York.


And so did GOT7!


Plus BTS guested on Ellen.


As well as The Late Show with James Corden!