10+ Times K-Pop Made You Feel Like Absolute SH*T

But we can’t help but love it anyway.

1. Image

Seeing all those stunning visuals and ridiculously toned bodies can be a real downer.


Sometimes you can’t help but compare yourself to your favorite idols and occasionally you end up feeling like a potato.


2. Lack Of Sleep

We’ve all been there, thinking that you can watch just one more video or listen to one more song and then suddenly the sun is rising. Then you wonder what happened to your beloved sleep.


3. Productivity

And perhaps due to the lack of sleep you may not be as productive. Wait, who are you kidding? The real problem is that you play more K-pop when you should be doing something else, like focusing on your big assignment or getting ready for work.


4. Obsession

K-Pop is pretty impossible to escape once you’ve fallen in love with it. You find yourself watching and listening to every song and MV that your favorite group puts out.


Then you end up finding fancams and behind the scenes footage and have to watch those too.


And at some point, you’ll realize you’re in too deep, like when you find yourself watching a 10-minute video of your bias laughing. But at the same time, you also realize that there’s no going back!


5. Fanwars

The dreaded fanwars. It’s almost impossible not to see some kind of problem between two fandoms in the comments section on YouTube. The same goes for most K-Pop forums. And good luck to those who decide to step in and try to defend their favorite group!


6. Immature Fans

Sometimes you can’t help but face-palm when an immature fan does something ridiculous! You get super angry when you see fans being rude to your bias. And anger doesn’t even begin to explain the feeling you have when they are mobbed!


Then there are times when fans do something that just makes you super disappointed and you wish that they weren’t in the same fandom as you.


7. Money

And who could forget about their poor wallet? You want to buy all the songs and merch you possibly can but you end up with an empty bank account. And if you hold off on buying, then you feel like you’re letting down your idols!


8. Distance

All international fans feel this one. The distance between you and South Korea seems impossibly far. You end up missing out on a lot of concerts and fan signs. On top of that, you probably won’t casually bump into your bias unless you’re in South Korea.


9. Hard To Share Love

Another problem is that it’s hard to share your love of K-Pop with anyone. For some fans, they don’t know anyone else who enjoys it or they may have a couple friends to share their obsession with.


For others, they may have someone who puts up with it but doesn’t really understand. And trying to explain why you like it or maybe just trying to get someone else to listen to your music is almost impossible.


10. Higher Expectations

You end up with higher expectations for everything. Music videos should be visual masterpieces, dance routines should be flawless, and every song should make you overflow with emotion.


But anytime you listen to something else you can’t help but feel disappointed and when you watch an MV that doesn’t seem to have any kind of story you just end up feeling empty.


11. Hard To Go Back To Western Music

Listening to K-Pop has a tendency to completely ruin western music. You might be able to understand all the lyrics but it’s just not the same. There aren’t many bops and some songs will just come off as boring to you.


12. Choosing A Bias

One of the worst parts of entering the K-Pop universe is learning about biases. Sometimes choosing a bias can be super hard. You might end up feeling like you’re ignoring other members. Or you really like all of the members and choosing feels like someone is trying to rip your heart apart!


13. The Bias Wrecker

After you’ve successfully chosen a bias, your whole world may be crushed when your bias wrecker enters the scene. Your bias wrecker will completely destroy your bias list and may make you question all of your life decisions!