10 Times K-Pop Music Video Logic Made Absolutely No Sense

How? Just…how?

We all know that K-Pop MVs are works of art and are always guaranteed to tell us a great story, the only problem is sometimes we notice something that just seems a little bit off. Just like in cartoons when you end up scratching your head because something just doesn’t make sense, these K-Pop videos have had fans wondering what on earth is going on.


1. When AOA played lacrosse in high heels during “Heart Attack”

As the girls get ready for their big game, we see them getting ready in the locker room. The only problem is that some eagle-eyed fans noticed they were wearing heels. Doesn’t seem like the safest option to be out on the field in…


Okay, to be fair they did change out of them when they hit the field. But why were they wearing them in the locker room to begin with?


2. Chaeyoung’s window entrance in TWICE’s “BDZ”

While the TWICE members are sneaking into the facility to help those cute little critters, one member needs a little bit more help than the others. Nothing wrong with that!


But then why is Chaeyoung able to get through a vent like it’s no problem later in the music video?


3. The lack of police in Red Velvet’s “Peek-A-Boo”

There is obviously something sinister going on at this house where the members are at in “Peek-A-Boo” and it’s pretty apparent that things keep happening to pizza delivery guys.


All the shirts on display and all the pizza boxes show that this has been going on for quite some time, but why hasn’t anybody caught on yet? Is nobody questioning the many missing delivery boy cases?


4. This great show of what to do at the office in Super Junior’s “Swing”

Or really not to do, because we’re pretty sure this is not how you want to act in an office setting. At least they looked pretty sheepish about the whole thing when their boss walked in.


5. Let’s burn it up in Dreamcatcher’s “Fly High”

Some fans have noticed this particular scene that showcases some burning a la magnifying glass. We all know that this works, the only problem is the placement of the sun in this MV just makes it impossible.


6. This major fire hazard in MONSTA X’s “Fighter”

Nobody is going to complain about seeing Wonho‘s muscles on display…it’s just isn’t that a serious safety hazard to only be wearing an apron and gloves while doing that?


7. G-Dragon’s shaving habits in “Crayon”

Maybe someone can explain this one but doesn’t it seem a little odd that G-Dragon is shaving his already smooth and completely whisker-free face?


8. When you’re mad you… in GOT7’s “If You Do”

When you’re mad you might take your frustrations out on a punching bag like Jackson or give a big shout like Youngjae


But there’s one member that takes a unique approach to anger. For some reason, while everyone else is channeling their anger into something, Mark‘s walking down a hall and posing? At least fans think it’s pretty funny even if it doesn’t make the most sense.


9. Dancing on a bus in Stray Kids’ “District 9”

So the members are trying to escape the creepy prison-like place and obviously make their way onto the bus. Here they change their clothes…


And break out into dance? Not exactly what you would expect to happen while attempting to escape let alone the fact that this could be dangerous!


10. Where did everybody go in Lovelyz’ “Candy Jelly Love”

Why is it that in almost every K-Pop MV set in a school there is no one but the members around? Where are the other students and teachers? And if you pay close attention there should be other people. Like in “Candy Jelly Love” there are a ton of shoes chilling out in the gym…but no people!