10+ Times Kwangsoo Was The Best AND Worst Character On ”Running Man”

Best or worst, he’s by far the funniest.

1. When he Karate Chopped Kim Ji Won to win a game


2. When he got into his super stupid, silly mode


3. When he spit on Haha’s face


4. When he smashed Song Ji Hyo’s forehead


5. When he Jeon So Min asked what he’d do if they saw into a ghost.. and he said he’d just punch her and run.


6. When he had to sit and get water thrown in his face.. but couldn’t handle it


7. When he got ass whooped by Song Ji Hyo after making her mad.


8. When he forgot what he was doing after getting smacked (again by Song Ji Hyo)


9. When he got his ass kicked by Song Ji Hyo.. again 😂


10. When he grabbed Song Ji Hyo’s hair


11. When he smashed raw egg onto his forehead.


12. When he got slapped by Yoo Jae Seok


13. When he kicked Song Ji Hyo for doing aegyo