10 Times Lay Proved His Absolute Loyalty To EXO and EXO-L

Lay is a true heart of gold.

Although he spends a lot of his time in China working on his solo career, EXO’s Lay is still very much a part of the group. At times EXO-Ls have been worried that he will decide to leave EXO but Lay has never shown any inclination to do that. If anything he’s done the complete opposite! He has proven time and time again just how much EXO and EXO-Ls mean to him. Below are just a few examples of his dedication to them.


1. Teaching Den Chao “Call Me Baby”

When Lay ran into Den Chao on an episode of Running Man China he was in imminent danger of being eliminated from the game. As the two warily circled each other Lay suddenly said, “Call me baby.” Den Chao appeared a little confused by the sudden expression and jokingly started singling the words in a different way. At this point Lay stops him and teaches him the proper way to sing EXO’s song. He continues to sing until Den Chao is able to sing along with him! If that doesn’t prove he loves his group what does?


2. Tears during “Sing For You” showcase

At the group’s “Song For You” showcase, Lay talked about what a difficult year it was for the group. He had been promoting a lot in China and felt very sorry towards his fellow members.


The moment was one full of emotion for Lay. After telling the members that he loved them and that he would always belong to EXO he couldn’t help but let his tears fall. Eventually Lay needed to step off the stage for a few moments and Baekhyun  took over and said that they all loved Lay very much too!


3. Lay’s favorite music

The quickest way to find out that Lay is still very much a part of EXO and is loyal to the group is to ask him what his favorite music is. In the past, Lay has declared his favorite music to be that of his group. He even mentioned he made up a playlist of all EXO’s songs that he listens to frequently!


4. His Sohu TV interview

During an interview with Sohu TV Lay was able to express his feeling for his members and talk about just how much he missed them all.


Lay also was able to put into words just what EXO means to him. They are a source of persistence and a type of special sentiment to him. It was very obvious from this interview that he keeps EXO on his mind often.


5. His promotion on Go Fighting

Lay will always take a chance at promoting his own group. For instance on one episode of Go Fighting, Lay asked two gentlemen if they knew EXO. When they responded positively Lay’s face lit up and he was very excited to meet people who knew his group.


The two men also gave him some food and Lay couldn’t but think it had something to do with the power of EXO!


6. Meeting up with EXO-CBX

When EXO-CBX prerecorded for their “Blooming Day” stage at Inkigayo Lay made a very special appearance. The boys had been teasing that someone special was there and when Lay stepped onto the stage to join Chen, Baekhyun, and Xiumin, EXO-Ls couldn’t stop their tears. After seeing how happy they were, Lay spoke up and gave some extra comfort to them, “Cheer EXO, CBX, Lay. We’re all the same! We are one!” 


7. His Tencent Video Star Award speech

In 2017, Lay won the “Album of the Year Award” at the Tencent Video Star Awards. While the award for his achievements as a solo artists, he thanked his fellow members! On top of that he also expressed just how much he missed them and gave a special shoutout to all of his fans. How sweet!


8. Promoting the group at an interview

At another interview in China, Lay couldn’t help but promote his group yet again! After saying that he will continue to work harder so that more people will be able to know his group he asked that people would support the group!


9. His special song for his members and EXO-Ls

At the EXO’rDIUM concert in Hong Kong, Lay was taken away by the fans light sticks. After seeing their love and support for his group he created his own song and sang it for everyone. Not only did the song thank all EXO-Ls but it also sounded like he was giving a special message of love to his members too!


10.  Lay’s 6th year anniversary letter

Although he couldn’t be with his members for their 6th anniversary, Lay sent his own special note to EXO-Ls. The message read, “Six years passed by so quickly. You guys have worked hard. Thank you for supporting EXO. Also, please be happy!” This showed that even if Lay isn’t always able to be around he still cares very much about EXO and EXO-L.