10 Times Male Idols Were Caught Falling In Love With TWICE Members

Male idols can’t help but fall in love with TWICE.

It’s no secret that the world loves TWICE, and male idols are no exception. Just because they’re idols doesn’t mean they don’t fall for pretty girls! While BTS‘s Jungkook‘s admiration for Nayeon is well-known, other long-time idols aren’t immune to the girls’ charm – and their smitten faces were caught on camera!


1. Jungkook (BTS)

Jungkook‘s reaction to Nayeon‘s ISAC wrestling match is often cited as proof of his crush on Nayeon. He gets really into it, jumping up and celebrating when she wins, and then catching himself and sitting down as if he remembered he was being filmed!


2. Heechul (Super Junior) and Momo

Heechul’s crush on Momo started on Weekly Idol. He couldn’t stop talking about how beautiful and cute she was, and when she decided to do an impersonation of Heechul’s favorite anime character, he couldn’t deal! She grabbed his hands and at the touch he couldn’t look at her in the eye.


3. Min Kyung Hoon and Jeongyeon

Singer Min Kyung Hoon confessed on Knowing Bros that his favorite TWICE member is Jeongyeon. He loves her so much that when she hit him with a plastic mallet, he was just thankful! He blushed so much when he was teased by Heechul.


4. Jimin (BTS) and Dahyun

Jimin was caught staring at Dahyun at an ISAC competition when he sat just behind her. It even seems as if J-Hope is talking to him but he’s so mesmerized that he is completely zoned out.


5.  Gong Myung and Jeongyeon

Actor Gong Myung also confessed to loving Jeongyeon, and when the two were stuck in a chair lift together they had a little moment…. and his reaction was priceless!


6. Mark (GOT7) and Sana

Sana‘s “oppa-ya” impression left Mark weak-kneed, if his expression meant anything!


7. Eunwoo (Astro) and Dahyun

Eunwoo and Dahyun had such a close-seeming relationship when they filmed a romance comedy together that fans immediately shipped the couple.

The way that Eunwoo looks at Dahyun while she’s playing piano is definitely love!


8. Jimin (BTS) and Mina

Fans were sure something was going on when Jimin glanced at Mina and then quickly looked away. Look how fast his eyes dart at her and then away!


9. Minhyuk (BTOB) and Nayeon

Minhyuk and Nayeon’s interaction was super cute when they filmed Oh My God Tip – Minhyuk was clearly smitten with the beauty, touching her arm and calling her cute!

Later pictures of the two getting cozy were released and fans went crazy, but it was all for the show.


10. Kim Min Seok and Dahyun

When Dahyun hand-fed Kim Min Seok, he actor was so flustered and nervous that he tried to do it himself. At Dahyun’s insistence, he let her feed him.

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