10+ Times MAMAMOO’s Solar Looked Like A Whole Queen In Thigh-High Boots

She looks amazing in long boots!

MAMAMOO‘s Solar is a beautiful idol, whose fashion game is always on point! Here are 10+ times Solar wore thigh-high boots, and blew fans away with her visuals!

1. “gogobebe” era Solar is the best!


2. Sexy queen!


3. How does she always slay this hard?!


4. Her casual fashion is on point!


5. A whole cutie!


6. Solar shines in this outfit!


7. This look of hers is legendary!


8. Solar in white is purely angelic!


9. These white boots look so good on her!


10. Solar’s visuals are unreal!


11. Solar in black is so powerful!


12. She looks beautiful (ft. Hwasa!)


13. “Starry Night” era Solar was serving pure looks!


14. She looks gorgeous!