10+ Times MAMAMOO’s Solar Slayed In Her Casual Fashion

She’s gorgeous!

MAMAMOO‘s Solar is a gorgeous visual, and her great sense of style shines through confidently in her amazing casual fashion! Here are 10+ times Solar drew all attention on her with her gorgeous casual looks!

1. Solar can make anything work!


2. Her amazing proportions are the source of envy in this stylish yet casual outfit!


3. Solar totally made waves with this sexy airport look!


4. Her visuals in white are unreal!


5. This whole look from Solar is great fall fashion inspo!


6. Pink-haired Solar in this outfit is so superior!


7. Queen of effortless beauty!


8. Solar’s top-tier visuals can really pull off anything!


9. She’s slaying this grey T-shirt dress!


10. Solar’s casual fits are the best!


11. She can make casual look so chic in this black crop top and white sweatpants combo!


12. Queen of visuals!


MAMAMOO just released a pre-release single titled “Dingga” from their upcoming album, Travel.

Watch the MV here!