10+ Times MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Defied Beauty Standards With Her Unreal Proportions

Hwasa’s proportions are incredible!

MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa is known to defy beauty standards at every turn, and she does it with confidence and style! Here are 10+ times Hwasa proudly flaunted her unreal proportions like the queen she is, because no one can shut her down!

1. Hwasa’s got the prettiest body-line for miles!


2. Queen of thick thighs!


3. She looks amazing in this fit!


4. Her proportions are incredible!


5. Such a visual queen!


6. Her visuals in this dress are stunning!


7. Hwasa in bodysuits is a superior concept!


8. She’s a thicc queen in this bodysuit and these stockings!


9. How does she look this good?!


10. Only Hwasa can rock these goddess proportions of hers!


11. Hwasa in red makes us scream “STEP ON ME”!


12. Hwasa is so beautiful!


13. Her incredible body-line can pull off any fit!


14. She’s a sexy queen!


15. Hwasa’s sexiness never fails to impress!