10 Times MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Proved Why She Is A Queen

She really is iconic!

MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa is known for breaking down barriers and following her own path ever since she debuted. For many fans, it is her unique and carefree personality that is inspiring and empowering!

From breaking typical beauty standards to slaying stages, here are 10 times that Hwasa proved that she is a Queen and we don’t deserve her!

1. When she made a promise to set her own standards!

During a concert, Hwasa told an emotional story about how she was told that, despite being talented, she was turned down being told: “You’re fat and not pretty.” Luckily, she did not listen to them and is a pioneer for a change!

If I don’t fit into this generation’s standard of beauty, then I will have to become a different standard.

2. Hwasa’s scary duality!

When Hwasa was asked to showcase her fatal sexiness, she proved that she could go from sexy and sassy one minute to absolutely adorable and unpredictable the next!


3. When a fan asked her the secret to dieting, and Hwasa replied, “Just Eat!”

Sometimes it can be hard to find the best way to lose weight. Hwasa reminded fans at a fan meeting that it is sometimes easier to enjoy life and enjoy your food!

4. Hwasa’s dance break in “AYA”

In MAMAMOO’s new track, “AYA,” Hwasa showcased not only her amazing visuals and stunning voice but also her memorizing dance skills!

5. THAT red outfit she wore at the 2018 MAMAs!

The MAMA awards are known for stand-out performances. MAMAMOO took that to another level in 2018, where fans got to witness Hwasa slaying in that red outfit!

6. When Hwasa showed that she did not care about security protocols!

Even though it is a security team’s worst nightmare, Hwasa does not seem to care! During one of MAMAMOO’s concerts, she decided to jump off the stage and interact with her fans!

7. This iconic moment from Knowing Bros

When the cast had to guess the iconic line from K-Drama Goblin, they probably did not expect this answer from Hwasa!

8. When Hwasa basically said what we were all thinking about COVID-19

Like many idols, COVID-19 really impacted MAMAMOO and Hwasa by not letting them see their fans and perform in front of crowds! Hwasa basically just said what we were all thinking!

9. That time she performed Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” and “We Will Rock You”

For any singer, performing a Queen song is tough! Hwasa proved that she could do it with style, ease, and beauty, putting her own twist on two musical classics in 2018!

10. When she proved that she has a future career path as an opera singer!

On an episode of I Can See Your Voice, Hwasa treated fans to an opera rendition of MAMAMOO’s “Starry Night,” and it was actually phenomenal!