10 Times Nayeon Was Bullied By Other TWICE Members

Nayeon has to endure just as much teasing as she gives out!

TWICE‘s Nayeon has a reputation for being a bit of a “bully” to her other members – all in good fun, of course – but there have been many times where she’s had to take it as much as give it! The other TWICE members incessantly tease her, too, proving the mutual affection and comfort the members have with each other. Check out some of the times Nayeon has been on the receiving end of some hilarious teasing!


1. When Nayeon burst into tears during SIXTEEN and Jeongyeon laughed at her.


2. When Dahyun, Chaeyoung (and Momo) teamed up to wreath Nayeon with toys during a fanmeet because she’s the “matnae” (eldest, but youngest-seeming member).


3. When Tzuyu and Jeongyeon wrapped Nayeon up in her own blanket.


4. When Sana strangled Nayeon and Mina watched and laughed.


5. When Jeongyeon scared Nayeon while she was attempting a challenge.


6. When the other members teased Nayeon about her tendency to steal food.


7. When Jeongyeon stole Nayeon’s toy at a fanmeet.


8. When the rest of the members loved Jeongyeon’s response to the question “What is Nayeon’s dream guy like?”


9. When Chaeyoung teased Nayeon for being 23 years old but liking childish things.


10. When Jeongyeon chased Nayeon around with bubbles.