10 Times Nayeon Proved Self-Confidence Is Her Most Attractive Trait

Nayeon is beautiful, and one of the her most endearing traits is that she knows it. In fact, she never hesitates to talk about how pretty or talented she is, and fans find her strong confidence to be one of her cutest features.

Here are just a few moments that show how much Nayeon loves herself.

1. If she was a man, she’d find herself the most attractive

2. She thinks she’s the most beautiful member without makeup

3. The “mirror” says she’s the fairest of them all

4. Perfect from head to toe!

5. She knows she’s cute

6. “I’m cute, pretty, sexy, elegant, everything! Hehe I’m the best!”

7. She knows her beauty is improving every day

8. She believes in her abilities

9. She’s proud of her chic looks

10. She likes taking photos… with herself

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