10 Times NCT’s Johnny Showed Off His Versatility

He can skateboard and DJ, to name just a few of his skills.

NCT has a whopping 23 members, so finding a bias seems like it may be a bit of a challenge, but our one and only Johnny consistently gives us reasons why he should top the list. Here are ten times Johnny impressed fans with his range.

1. He’s got style and perfect aim.

2. He gave us a little extra during dance practice.

3. There’s nothing regular about those first few seconds.

4. He can skateboard down any runway.

5. He knows the story of coffee’s origins.

6. NCT’s archery ace has arrived.

7. Add ending fairy to his long list of titles.

8. You can count on him to get the party started.

9. He knows how to kick it (and box it)!

10. He’s a multi-faceted man!