10+ Times Oh My Girl’s Arin Showed Off Her Tiny Ant-Waist

Arin has such a tiny, snatched waist!

Fans and netizens are always raving about Oh My Girl Arin‘s harmonious visuals, and she’s also noted for being a traditional beauty! Here are 10+ times Arin’s ant-waist was highlighted in the prettiest outfits!

1. Arin’s visuals are unreal, and this outfit really focuses on her tiny waist!


2. She’s an ethereal visual!


3. She looks like a fairy in this dress!


4. Her waistline is so tiny!


5. This whole look is a serve!


6. Arin in this dress is everything!

| Naver


7. Her waist looks ridiculously tiny in this outfit!


8. This look is perfect for summer!


9. She’s a whole visual queen!


10. Arin really serves in her stage outfits!


11. Visual queen!


12. Her waist is so snatched!


13. Arin slays anything!


14. She looks like an angel in white!


15. She’s so pretty!