10+ Times Oh My Girl’s YooA Showed Off Her Tiny Ant-Waist In Stunning Outfits

She’s well-known for having a small face, but YooA also has a small waist as well!

Oh My Girl‘s YooA is a gorgeous visual, and along with her doll-like features, she’s also known for her incredible proportions! She’s often mistaken for being taller than she actually is because of her small face and long and arms and legs, and also has a tiny waist to boot! Here are 10+ times YooA showed off her snatched waist in the cutest outfits!

1. Chic YooA in this crop top is killing it!


2. She can really pull off anything!


3. Her waist is so tiny in this outfit!


4. Her visuals are perfect in this sporty outfit!


5. Her casual looks are so pretty!


6. Her proportions are god-tier!


7. She’s really built like that!


8. YooA’s waist is so tiny here!


9. Her bodyline is gorgeous!


10. Even in this dress, her ant-waist is so evident!


11. “Bungee” era YooA is iconic!


12. She looks like an angel in this dress!


13. YooA makes crop tops and jeans look super high-fashion!


14. Another one for YooA’s casual visuals!


15. She looks like an actual doll here!


YooA just made her solo debut with her song “Bon Voyage”.

Check it out here!