10+ Times Oh My Girl’s YooA Proved Her Visuals Are Just As Striking In Her Casual Fashion

YooA is a queen onstage, but she’s just as captivating offstage as well!

Oh My Girl‘s YooA is a beauty who’s well-known for her doll-like features, and her visuals stand out even in her casual fashion! Here are 10+ times YooA totally stole the show in her most casual looks!

1. Just a chic queen owning her runway in this casual fit!


2. YooA in crop tops and wide jeans is the perfect example of a casual beauty!


3. Another one for YooA’s visuals in crop tops and wide jeans!


4. YooA shines in this bright yellow top and white pants!


5. She’s classing it up in this gorgeous outfit!


6. YooA is owning this pink satin blouse and jeans look!


7. She’s serving girl crush visuals in this chic all-black outfit!


8. She’s gorgeous!


9. YooA’s really channelling her fashionista side in this purple plaid outfit!


10. Queen of body proportions!


11. YooA pulls off leather jackets ridiculously well!


12. Just an angel slaying her angelic outfit!


13. She’s a whole softie in this comfy oversized sweater look!


14. YooA can steal hearts in just a simple hoodie and jeans!

15. This fall, let YooA be your style icon because she knows how to rock gorgeous trench coats!