10+ Times Park Seo Joon Looked Embarrassingly Cute Enough To Make You Blush Like A Tomato

#15 is the reason why his female lead wanted to playfully smack him.

The reason for Park Seo Joon‘s immense popularity in the Korean entertainment scene is simple:

Naturally, for him to be an in-demand actor, he needs to act extremely well — and he does as his show’s ratings and his multiple awards prove this as a fact.

Additionally, Park Seo Joon looks incredibly good, too, so any type of character costume…

…or hairstyle fits him.

And finally, he’s not afraid to show off his adorably goofy side which helps endear him to his thousands of fans worldwide. Here are 10+ embarrassingly cute moments of Park Seo Joon to make you happy as a peach, or blush as a tomato, today:


1. Peace!

2. His quirky eye smile makes you want to reach out to the screen and pinch his cheeks

3. Chef Seo Joon, at your service

4. Peak happiness

5. Who wouldn’t be encouraged with this eye-candy?

6. Squishy cheeks indeed

7. Look at how pleased he looks here

8. Yes, this is cute, but have you seen his arms, too?

9. Confused AF Seo Joon is still cute Seo Joon

10. Wow, that milk tea must taste heavenly!

11. This will backfire at him, because instead of irritating you, it’ll only make you love him more

12. Confident-smirk-turned-into-happy-smile

13. Quick, close your eyes

14. Everyone, this is how boys act when you make their hearts flutter

15. Warning: aegyo attack coming your way

Park Seo Joon isn’t just a pretty face, though — he’s also a kindhearted and loyal friend who loves showing his affection for his friends by being committed to take good pictures of them. Read the next article and find out how good he can be as a photographer, too!

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