10+ Times Red Velvet’s Irene Was A Living Doll With Her Hair Up In Curls

She pulls off curly hair incredibly well!

Red Velvet‘s Irene is a gorgeous visual, famous for her unreal, doll-like beauty! She can rock anything, but seems to pull off curly hair with incredible style! Here are 10+ times Irene sported curly hair, and fans super shook at her beauty!

1. Irene looks gorgeous with her curly, maroon hair!


2. Her visuals are unreal!


3. She’s like a living doll!


4. She’s such a beautiful woman!


5. This look was so iconic!


6. She’s such a cutie!


7. Irene’s visuals at award shows are such a blessing!


8. Another of her curly-haired award show visuals!


9. Her purple hair was such a look!


10. Irene with her curly hair in a beret is a visual attack!


11. Purple is a gorgeous look on her!


12. She looks crazy good with curly hair!

Red Velvet