10+ Times Red Velvet’s Irene Transformed Into A Cute College Student With Glasses

Irene with glasses is the visual-ASMR you didn’t know you needed!

Red Velvet‘s Irene is such a heavenly visual, fans and non-fans alike are always mesmerized by her beauty! She’s gorgeous on as well as off-stage, and is always blowing fans away with her top-tier visuals and talent! Here are 10+ times Irene wore glasses, and truly resembled a gorgeous college student!

1. Irene in a ponytail and glasses? Yes, please!


2. Irene in glasses is a literal visual ASMR!


3. She’s so pretty in round glasses!


4. Irene rocks this biker jacket and glasses look so well!


5. Her visuals in casual outfits is everything!


6. Irene’s visuals in glasses is top-notch!


7. She looks like a perfect gamer girl!


8. She’s super cute!


9. Irene in round glasses is such a superior look!


10. Her side profile with round glasses is art!


11. Visual goddess!


12. She’s so beautiful in these glasses!


13. Irene would be a perfect fit for Hogwarts!

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