10+ Times Red Velvet’s Irene Wore A Crop Top And Highlighted Her Tiny Waist

Her waist looks especially tiny in #8!

Red Velvet‘s Irene is well-known for her visuals and her petite frame, and she’s always stunning fans with her top-tier looks! Here are 10+ times Irene wore a crop top, that highlighted her pretty, tiny waist!

1. Queen of visuals!


2. Irene is serving only visuals in this fit!


3. She’s a sexy queen!


4. Her waist is so tiny!


5. She’s a fit, toned beauty!


6. Irene is so ethereal in white!


7. “Red Flavor” era Irene is so iconic!


8. Queen of itty-bitty waists!


9. Irene is gorgeous!


10. Her proportions are amazing!


11. She’s a whole visual in plaid!


12. Her abs are so toned!


13. Such a tiny waist!


14. Her visuals are unreal!


15. This outfit highlights her tiny waist so well!

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