These 10+ Times That Red Velvet’s Joy Rocked A Black Dress Will Convince You That She Was Made For Them

Black highlights her sexy side nicely!

Red Velvet‘s Joy is popularly known for being the group’s “Sexy Dynamite”, and her explosive charms onstage are well-rounded with her unique vocals and visuals! Here are 10+ times Joy wore a black dress, and it will convince you that a black dress is her sexiest look ever!

1. Joy rocks sexy, black dresses like she was made for them!


2. Visual overload!


3. She’s crushing it in this dress!


4. Black dresses seriously suit her well!


5. She’s slaying this outfit!


6. Such a pretty woman in this dress!


7. This red carpet dress is legendary!


8. Sexy Queen Joy is here for our hearts!


9. She looks like a living doll in this dress!


10. Queen of proportions!


11. She’s really pulling off this fringe dress.


12. This outfit for the “Hush” performance was so iconic!


13. Joy is killin’ it in this dress!

Red Velvet