10+ Times Red Velvet’s Joy Was The Picture Of Elegance In Cute, Classy Coats

She slays with her sophisticated beauty in coats!

Red Velvet‘s Joy is so pretty, she can pull off anything! She’s shown us many of her sides before, like her cute and sexy sides, and she boasts some seriously classy visuals in coats! Here are 10+ times Joy wore a coat, and brought all the world’s classy and sophisticated vibes with her!

1. Joy is the queen of classy vibes!


2. Classy Joy is here to stay!


3. She’s the picture of adorable in this coat!


4. She gives off such elegant and sophisticated vibes in this outfit!


5. This whole outfit is working for her!


6. This white coat is so pretty on her!


7. She looks so classy in this coat!


8. She’s gorgeous!


9. Joy can pull off anything!


10. She’s slaying this plaid coat!


11. Joy in coats is such a superior concept!


12. This coat looks so pretty on her!


13. Her visuals are unreal!

Red Velvet