10+ Times Red Velvet’s Joy Flaunted Her Gorgeous Hourglass Figure

She’s effortlessly stunning

Red Velvet’s Joy has visuals that are out of this world! No matter what she wears, she glows, and her lovely physique always manages to wow everyone! Here are 10+ times Joy flaunted her gorgeous hourglass figure.

1. She’s cute yet sultry


2. Her stunning ant-waist

3. She’s glamorous and so are her curves

4. Joy always rocks a mini dress

5. She’s a goddess and no one can deny it!


6. She’s perfect from head to toe!

7. Besides her beautiful hourglass, Joy also has legs for days!

8. Skinny jeans always help flaunt your beautiful curves

9. She can pull off anything!

10. Joy’s physique is lovely from every angel


11. Joy always has the prettiest little black dresses!

12. Her hourglass figure looks good in any outfit

13. It’s hard to believe anyone is this beautiful!

14. Even in a lower quality photo, Joy’s beauty and impressive figure shines!

15. All black always looks great, but on Joy it’s striking

16. Her dance lines are jaw-dropping

17. Long-legged queen

18. Absolutely breathtaking


19. Joy is a total bad a** on stage

20. The prettiest cowgirl to ever exists! Look how amazing she looks in this dress

21. This look made waves and you can clearly see why


22. Her hourglass shape is memorizing on and off stage

23. An actual princess in pink

24. No one rocks the red carpet quite like Joy does

25. Her curves in his mini-dress!

26. Her charm and visuals brighten up the day


27. Classy!


28. She’s even got rock-hard abs!


29. We all remember this iconic look

30. Joy being effortlessly elegant

31. She was blessed with wonderful curves!


32. A moment no one will ever forget!

| Red Velvet/YouTube

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