10+ Times Red Velvet’s Joy Had Legs For Days

A long-legged visual queen right here!

Red Velvet‘s Joy is a whole visual who’s known for her bright eyesmile and unreal body proportions! As the resident tallest member of her group, she’s a long-legged queen who’s legs go on for days! Here are 10+ times Joy showed off her long legs in the prettiest outfits, and had fans full of compliments for her!

1. Joy looks great in jeans!

She’s a visual queen in this whole fit.


2. Visual queen!

She’s definitely a contender for “K-Pop’s best bodies”!


3. “Power Up” era Joy is so powerful!


4. Joy in this outfit is serving pure looks!

| @_imyour_joy/ Instagram
| @_imyour_joy/ Instagram


5. She’s 75% legs in these photos!


6. Joy’s long legs look so pretty in heels!


7. “Red Flavor” era Joy is so beautiful!


8. Joy in thigh-high boots is superior!


9. So pretty!


10. Joy is so pretty in this dress!


11. Another one for Joy in long boots!


12. Her visuals are unreal!


13. She’s gorgeous!


14. These legendary pictures of Joy in jeans is everything!


15. Visual queen!


16. Her visuals in red hair are unreal!

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