10+ Times Red Velvet’s Joy Looked Gorgeous In The Sexiest, Most Iconic Stage Outfits

She’s a serious visual!

Red Velvet‘s Joy is a total beauty! She’s shocked fans and netizens over and over with her top-tier visuals, and they’re always raving about her unique vocal tone and superior looks! Here are X times Joy donned the sexiest, most iconic stage outfits, and fans just couldn’t take their eyes off of her!

1. This all-black outfit

2. Black looks so good on her!


3. She kills it in this outfit!


4. She brings to life the “red” in Red Velvet


5. This sparkly outfit makes her shine!


6. Joy is the prettiest!


7. She looks bad*ss in this outfit!


8. She’s the “K-Pop Girl in the rainbow dress”!


9. She’s gorgeous!


10. She looks so cute!


11. Her smile is the loveliest!


12. Her visuals are so refreshing!


13. She’s a sexy queen!

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