10+ Times Red Velvet’s Joy Was The Prettiest Style Queen In Her Casual Fashion

Joy’s casual fashion is top-tier!

Red Velvet‘s Joy is famous for her amazing visuals onstage, but offstage, she looks just as beautiful and charming in her casual fashion! Here are 10+ times Joy lived up to her rep as a visual queen in the prettiest casual outfits, proving she’s got a killer sense of style!

1. Joy looks all sorts of comfy and warm in this fit!


2. She looks gorgeous in this white top and jeans combo!


3. Sexy dynamite Joy!


4. Proportion queen!


5. She looks amazing in this blue and white outfit!


6. This beret completes this outfit nicely!


7. Joy is serving chic visuals in this casual fit!


8. She looks beautiful in this grey coat!


9. She’s slaying in this outfit!


10. She’s a visual queen in this floral dress!


11. This casual look is perfect for summer!


12. This look is classic Joy!


13. Such a cute dress!


14. This look is classy and chic, and perfect for Joy!


15. This floral top looks so cute on her!


16. We need more of Joy in floral tops and jeans!

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