10+ Times Red Velvet’s Joy Proved That Red Is Her Best Color

Joy in red is such a superior concept!

Red Velvet‘s Joy is gorgeous, of that there is no doubt, but her visuals seemingly seem to shine in red! Whether it’s her iconic red hair or outftis, the color makes her stand out even more! Here are 10+ times Joy wore red, and smoothly lived up to the group name of “Red Velvet”!

1. Her visuals in red are unreal!


2. When Joy went viral for her beauty in this dress, it cemented her as a top visual!


3. Her red hair and outfit is such a serve!


4. These ponytails add such a nice detail to her visuals, along with the red dress!


5. She’s gorgeous!


6. This red shirt is so pretty on her!


7. Body-line queen!


8. “Red Flavor” era Joy is so superior!


9. She looks so pretty in these photos!


10. This crop top looks so cute on her!


11. Even her casual visuals in red are amazing!


12. Joy in floral prints is everything!


13. Regal queen!


14. Joy with red hair and this red dress is killin’ it!


15. Another one for red-haired Joy in red outfits!


16. A whole visual right here!


17. Chic and sexy Joy is so gorgeous!


18. This red dress for the “Peek A Boo” teasers is everything!

Red Velvet