10+ Times Red Velvet’s Joy Rocked A Simple Pair Of Jeans Like No One Else

She killed it!

Red Velvet‘s Joy is the whole package; she can sing, she can dance, she can act, and is one of the most gorgeous idols around! She manages to look good both on and off-stage, and her visuals are always raved about by fans! Here are 10+ times Joy decided to rock a simple pair of jeans, and totally slayed!

1. Back in 2017, Joy went viral for how good she looks in this outfit!


2. She’s a fresh-faced beauty in these pictures!


3. Joy looks os good in this outfit!


4. Joy can rock anything!


5. Joy has legs for days!


6. This floral top and jeans combo looks so good on her!


7. She looks super cute!


8. She’s adorable in this outfit!


9. Another killer floral top and jeans combo!


10. She looks so casual and pretty!


11. These overalls are working for her!


12. She shines in this simple outfit!


13. Happy Joy is the loveliest Joy!

Red Velvet