10+ Times Red Velvet’s Joy Showed Off Her Amazingly Toned Abs In A Crop Top

She’s got such amazing proportions!

Red Velvet‘s Joy is one gorgeous idol, who’s hailed for her unique vocal tone and extremely healthy body! Here are 10+ times Joy wore a crop top, and had fans in awe of her incredibly toned abs!

1. Joy’s figure is so amazing!


2. Her visuals are unreal!


3. So pretty!


4. Red-haired Joy as such a blessing!


5. Even her casual crop tops are so pretty!


6. She’s gorgeous!


7. So beautiful!


8. This suit is gorgeous on her!


9. This outfit is legendary!


10. Joy is such a beautiful visual!


11. Joy looks so cute in this top!


12. Her visuals are breathtaking.


13. She’s got such amazing proportions!


14. She’s so pretty!


15. This outfit was a whole look!


16. She’s so ethereal.

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