These 10+ Times Red Velvet’s Joy Slayed A Half-Up Ponytail Will Convince You That It’s Her Best Hairstyle Yet

Her visuals are unreal in this hairstyle!

Red Velvet‘s Joy is a very beautiful idol, and along with her visuals, is strongly identifiable by her extremely unique vocal tone and sunshine bright smile! She looks good in any hairdo, but after seeing these photos, you might agree that the half-up ponytail makes Joy look even prettier! Here are 10+ times Joy rocked the half-up ponytail, and absolutely killed it with her beauty!

1. Her hair looks so cute, all tied up in a ribbon!


2. Joy is gorgeous!


3. This hairstyle on “Peek-A-Boo” era Joy is iconic!


4. She’s such a cutie!


5. Her cute charms are off the charts!


6. So pretty!


7. Joy’s visuals are summer-perfect!


8. This outfit and hair on Joy is everything!


9. Her visuals are unreal!


10. She’s beautiful!


11. “Power Up” era Joy in this hairstyle is so powerful!


12. Her visuals are insane!

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