10+ Times Red Velvet Looked Priceless In Clothes That Cost $50 USD Or Less

Even fans could afford these outfits.

Sometimes Red Velvet‘s outfits are out-there. Sometimes they’re luxurious. And sometimes they’re so cheap, even their fans could afford them. But you have to admit, most people would have a hard time pulling off these clothes as well as the Red Velvet members.

1. Irene for Chamisul

Former Chamisul endorser Irene was the talk of social media when the brand uploaded photos of her in bold eyeliner and a metallic sequined dress. The craziest part is that this glittering garment cost less than $50 USD at ZARA.

2. Joy for The ReVe Festival: Finale

In her ‘studio’ teasers for Red Velvet’s most recent album, The ReVe Festival: Finale, Joy wore a shimmering purple skirt that costs $50 USD at H&M. Other than her Miu Miu mohair cardigan, the rest of the outfit was cheap too. She wore an $18 USD crop top from HIDE and an $8 USD “Babygirl” pendant necklace from Forever 21.

3. Seulgi for The ReVe Festival: Finale

Seulgi also donned a very affordable outfit for her The ReVe Festival: Finale ‘studio’ teaser set. It may look like a high-end pretty outfit, but the ribbed button-up top cost just $17 USD and the yellow plaid skirt was $38 USD, both from Forever 21.

4. Wendy for The ReVe Festival: Finale

Wendy continued to cheap yet chic theme in her own ‘studio’ teasers. Her simple t-shirt, which reads “FEMME” in bold letters, is from H&M. The price? Just $30 USD.

5. Yeri for Notre Colette

In January 2020, Yeri uploaded some behind-the-scenes photos from a promotional shoot for Notre Colette, the lipstick brand she endorses. She wore a pretty black-and-white print dress from ZARA that cost just $45 USD.

6. Wendy at the airport

When Wendy headed to the airport in August 2019, she paired a Versace t-shirt with a simple $35 leopard print denim skirt from Zara. She pulled the skirt off so well, you could be forgiven for thinking it was designer too.

7. Wendy on Music Core

On Music Core in August 2019, Wendy performed “Umpah Umpah” in a $15 green mini-dress from Forever 21, layered over a $25 striped ringer tee from Sculptor.

8. Seulgi at the airport

Seulgi turned heads at the airport in September 2019 with her effortlessly stylish outfit. The jacket was worth around $200 and her bag was Louis Vuitton, but the denim shorts she wore with it weren’t designer. They cost around $28 at Forever 21.

9. Yeri on Inkigayo

When Red Velvet performed “Umpah Umpah” on Inkigayo one weekend, Yeri was dressed in head-to-toe Forever 21. Her striped top was $3 USD, while her brown pants were $25 USD.

10. Yeri on Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook

And Yeri rocked a similarly cheap outfit when she performed “Umpah Umpah” on Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook too. She made a $40 USD red crocheted top-shop from ZARA look even better with a $10 ribbed crop top from H&M under it.

11. Irene in “Zimzalabim”

In the “Zimzalabim” roller coaster scene, Irene’s cute pink outfit was crazy cheap. The tie-dye denim skirt cost $20 at Forever 21, and the matching crop top was just $12. She wore the same outfit again at a fansign.

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