10+ Times Red Velvet Members Bullied Eachother On Camera

Red Velvet are so close they’ve actually been criticized for being disrespectful to each other, but it’s all in the name of friendship!

Red Velvet‘s close relationship is so much like siblings that the members have actually been criticized for disrespecting each other on camera, especially the maknaes Joy and Yeri. But the girls are so close they tease and bully each other all the time and don’t see any problem with it!


1. When they teased Irene about her age

Irene is the oldest in the group and the others, especially Yeri, tease Irene for being so old. During a live broadcast they were teasing her for her old-style ice cream, saying she was a grandmother. Irene responded by saying “ah, it’s delicious” like a grandmother and then began hitting the other members!


2. When Joy made fun of Seulgi’s crying

Joy posted an Instagram update where she was making fun of Seulgi while she cried, imitating her crying noises and calling her a baby.


3. When Irene dissed both Yeri and Wendy in the same breath

The girls were upset when Irene said they both weren’t pretty during a SNL skit.


4. When the girls told Wendy off for being late

Wendy did not look happy when Yeri used informal speech!


5. When Yeri laughed at Irene’s beautiful pose

Irene again lashed out, hitting her more than once!


6. When Joy called Yeri a bug

Yeri tried to demonstrate her method of concentrating before a show, and the other girls couldn’t resist laughing and teasing her.


7. When Yeri called Joy, Irene and Wendy lousy

Joy got really riled up – the two seem to be the most competitive members!


8. When Wendy didn’t want to be named “cuteness queen”

Irene loved the fact Wendy hated being voted as the cutest member of Red Velvet – and the others got into it too, ganging up on Wendy.


9. When the other girls distracted Irene while she was introducing “Bad Boy”

Irene ends up screaming “why are you being like that!”


10. When Yeri called Joy out on her lies

When Joy was studying for her drivers test, she tried to make out that she was an avid reader, but Yeri wouldn’t have it!


11. Irene’s butt and Seulgi’s KTX

When the girls appeared on a variety show, they teased Irene about her obsession with butts and then told a story about Seulgi’s airheadedness! As Joy is relaying the story, Seulgi seems just resigned to her fate.


12. When Joy teased Irene for her age

This time Joy led the charge against Irene and the others just joined in laughing! Irene, again, got violent!


13. When Yeri and Joy competed for best prankster

The two youngest battled it out, with Yeri arguing that she was always better at pranking Joy. Joy doesn’t seem the happiest, although she’s smiling…

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