10+ Times Red Velvet’s Seulgi Proved Her Visuals Get Even Better In A Classy And Comfy Coat

Seulgi in coats is one of her best looks!

Red Velvet‘s Seulgi is known for her cool and charismatic visuals, and when she shows up anywhere in a coat, they get a whole lot better! Here are 10+ times Seulgi made her appearance in a coat, and had fans shook with her chic visuals!

1. This one of Seulgi’s best looks!


2. Seulgi in buns and comfy coats is a mood.


3. She looks amazing in this tan coat!


4. Seulgi’s visuals are unreal!


5. She’s so pretty!


6. Chic Seulgi is iconic!


7. She’s a comfy bear in this coat and dress!


8. This sporty look is classic Seulgi!


9. Seulgi looks so good in plaid!


10. Seulgi in this over-sized coat is everything!


11. She’s killin’ it in this striped coat!


12. She’s a gorgeous queen in this coat!


13. She looks so pretty in this outfit!


14. Black is one of her sexiest colors!


15. Seulgi in plaid is a whole look!


16. Seulgi in a messy bun and black fuzzy coat? Yes, please!


17. She’s killin’ it in this shearling coat!

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