10+ Times Red Velvet’s Seulgi Was A Classy Stunner In Her Gorgeous Event Looks

The fashionista in her really jumps out in these outfits!

Red Velvet‘s Seulgi is a whole visual, and with her gorgeous proportions, she can slay any event as it comes! Here are 10+ times Seulgi was a stunner in the prettiest event outfits, and totally blew fans away!

1. Seulgi in this dress is everything!


2. She can pull off anything!


3. She’s slaying this dress!


4. Seulgi in plaid is a superior concept!


5. Another one for Seulgi in plaid!


6. Seulgi makes this casual fit look super high-class!


7. She’s a whole fashionista!


8. This black, sequined outfit makes her look super chic!


9. Seulgi’s proportions can pull off literally everything!


10. Seulgi’s visuals are unreal!


11. This classy outfit is beautiful on her!


12. Seulgi is a visual queen in this white dress!


13. Her red carpet appearances are amazing!


14. Seulgi’s killin’ it in this black velvet dress!


15. This lace shirt brings a whole other level of class to this outfit!


16. Seulgi serves superior visuals in black dresses!


17. She looks like she stepped out of a fairy tale in this dress!


18. Iconic Seulgi in an iconic black dress!

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