10+ Times Red Velvet’s Seulgi Made You Go “Hot Damn!” In A Plaid Outfit

She’s incredibly beautiful!

Red Velvet‘s Seulgi is a beautiful, talented queen, and fans can’t help but marvel at how suavely she dances, along with how heavenly her vocals are. She stands out on stage, not just because of her talent, but also because of how gorgeous she always looks! Seulgi’s known to pull of anything due to her amazing figure, and fans just can’t get enough! Here are 10+ times Seulgi wore a gorgeous plaid outfit, and had fans wanting more!

1. Seulgi’s a sexy queen in plaid!


2. Seulgi has such an amazing figure!


3. Yellow is an amazing color on her!


4. Seulgi’s so pretty in plaid!


5. She’s gorgeous!


6. Seulgi pulls off this outfit so well!


7. She’s a classy beauty!


8. Even in causals, Seulgi’s gorgeous!


9. She’s such a cutie!


10. She’s so pretty!


11. This outfit suits her so much!


12. A happy Seulgi is the best Seulgi!

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