10 Times Red Velvet’s Seulgi Rocked A Crop Top Onstage And Left Us Wreckd

Seulgi? More like Slay-gi.

Red Velvet‘s Seulgi has captivated fans over and over with her insane talent, charisma and  top-tier visuals! Everyone’s favorite bear is an unstoppable force onstage, and here are 10 times Seulgi absolutely slayed in a gorgeous crop top!

1. This iconic crop top paired with a leather jacket


2. The classic crop-top-and-shorts combo


3. Seulgi in a  crop top and full pants is super hot too!


4. This cropped sweater look is super gorgeous!


5. This slim fitted crop top look amazing on her!


6. Seulgi + red crop tops is everything.


7. She slays in casual crops as well!

8. This black crop paired with a suit jacket looks amazing!

9. Seulgi is a cutie-sexy in this pink crop top!

10. Who could forget this absolutely iconic outfit and performance?

Red Velvet