10+ Times Red Velvet’s Seulgi Served Looks With Her Gorgeous Red Carpet Dresses

She slays in her red carpet outfits!

Red Velvet‘s Seulgi is a gorgeous idol, who always slays every one of her appearances! Here are 10+ times Seulgi looked like an absolute queen in her red carpet dresses, and blewt fans away with her visuals!

1. Queen Seulgi is serving looks!


2. This dress is so pretty on her!


3. What a great look on her!


4. Beautiful queen!


5. Seulgi’s amazing proportions are highlighted so well in this dress!


6. Such a legendary angelic look on her!


7. This is such an iconic look!


8. So pretty!


9. Seulgi is so gorgeous in this outfit!


10. Seulgi’s visuals are unreal!


11. This edgy red carpet outfit is beautiful on her!


12. She’s slaying in this outfit!


13. This outfit is working for her!


14. Seulgi can seriously pull off anything!


15. She looks gorgeous in this black dress!


16. Seulgi is such a stunner!

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