10+ Times Red Velvet’s Wendy Gave Us Major Fashion Inspo With Her Amazing Casual Fashion

Her sense of style is incredible!

Red Velvet‘s Wendy is a vocal and visual powerhouse, and fans are always in awe of her, no matter what she’s doing! She has a keen sense of style, and her fashion is always on point! Here are 10+ times Wendy impressed in the classiest, most stylish casual fashion, and gave fans major outfit inspo as well!

1. Wendy knows just how to rock a classy, casual outfit like no other!


2. She makes this bucket hat look so cute!


3. Wendy makes this casual outfit look sexy!


4. Wendy’s giving off serious CEO vibes in this outfit!


5. Wendy’s visuals are ethereal.


6. Wendy is working this biker jacket!


7. This look is so cute on her!


8. Wendy can pull off anything, including this denim-on-denim look!


9. Wendy’s simple, but pretty taste in fashion is the best!


10. She’s so gorgeous in this outfit!


11. Wendy looks so at home in neutrals!


12. Her sense of style is impeccable!


13. So pretty!


14. This outfit is so perfect for summer!

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