10+ Times Red Velvet’s Wendy Was The Queen Of Toned Abs In The Prettiest Crop Tops

She’s got abs for days!

Red Velvet‘s Wendy is a powerhouse visual and vocalist, whose infectious energy is always making fans fall for her more and more! With her cute looks, fans often don’t notice just how toned Wendy actually is, and when she wears crop tops, her fit, toned abs take their moment in the spotlight! Here are 10+ times Wendy wore a crop top, showing off her incredibly toned muscles!

1. She’s so pretty in this outfit!


2. She’s gorgeous!


3. Queen of fit physiques!


4. Her abs are goals!


5. Her abs are crazy toned!


6. This casual outfit is really doing her toned abs justice!


7. She’s slaying this crop top!


8. This outfit is such a superior look on her!


9. Her charisma is off the charts!


10. Debut era Wendy had abs for days!


11. These photos of her toned physique are legendary!


12. Wendy showing her abs in this outfit is everything!


13. “Bad Boy” era Wendy was seriously serving looks!


14. She’s killin’ this look!


15. Sexy Wendy is a winning look!


16. This was such a good look on her!


17. This hairstyle and crop top on Wendy needs a comeback!

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