10+ Times Red Velvet’s Wendy Stunned Fans With Her Beauty In The Sexiest Stage Outfits

She’s got such sexy visuals!

Red Velvet‘s Wendy is a powerhouse on stage, and fans love to see her tearing the stage apart with her vocals and beautiful visuals! Here are 10+ times Wendy showed up in the sexiest stage outfits, and had fans going wild!

1. Wendy in crop tops is such a good look!


2. She’s so pretty in lace!


3. This outfit is so legendary.


4. Wendy’s gorgeous!


5. “Bad Boy” era Wendy is so pretty!


6. Her visuals are amazing!


7. This outfit is beautiful!


8. Sexy Wendy is gorgeous!


9. Wendy looks amazing; from the front and the back!


10. Wendy is one alluring beauty!


11. Blue Wendy is so pretty!


12. There’s no one who rocks this dress better than her!


13. Not a stage outfit, but this sexy look was too iconic not to be mentioned!

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