10+ Times Red Velvet’s Yeri Stunned With Her Mature Beauty In All-Black Outfits

She’s gorgeous in black outfits!

Red Velvet‘s Yeri debuted as the group’s bubbly maknae, but over the years, has showcased her evolving visuals and mature charm more and more! Here are 10+ times Yeri wore an all-black outfit, and made fans everywhere realize just how much she’s grown up!

1. This all-black outfit is perfect for Yeri!


2. She’s gorgeous!


3. This outfit is working for grown-up Yeri!


4. “Bad Boy” era Yeri was so iconic!


5. Yeri’s visuals in suits are superior!


6. She’s killin’ it in this outfit!


7. So pretty!


8. She’s stunning fans with her sexy side in this dress!


9. Yeri is a gorgeous beauty in this dress!


10. Her visuals are unreal!


11. Yeri’s all grown up!


12. She boasts such mature visuals in black!


13. Such a stunning maknae!


14. Yeri’s red carpet outfits are always top-notch!


15. She looks gorgeous in this black dress (peep JoyRi too)!

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